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Mark Corff -- Freelance Television Production Experience
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Resume Summary 

Successful Global Sales Professional with 20+ years experience positioning solutions with Fortune 500 customers as well as educational institutions.  Creative with demonstrated skills in sales and sales management, along with effective presentation techniques.

Employment Experience:

Verizon Business Markets, 
Phoenix, AZ

VBM is a new organization aimed at SMBs, state and local governments and schools.  It's initial charter is to sell voice, broadband, IP networking, advanced voice solutions, security, managed services and a host of other services.

  Senior Account Manager (05/16 – Present)
I accepted an offer to work for XO Communications again and shortly thereafter Verizon purchased XO.  My work now consist of acquisition sales and selling into my established customer base of over 60 accounts.  My territory is in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. 

• Out of a four person Sales operation I am consistently the number one revenue biller within the sales team.  I closed out 2017 at 117% of my quota for Total Billed Revenue and at 110% of plan on new business sales.  I know my sales numbers would have been stronger but for the XO to Verizon transition.

• An example of my work would include a $26,385 sale to Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spas.  I upgraded 21 locations with T1 MPLS, up to 10 Mbps and transitioned their two 50 Meg MPLS circuits over to Enterprise SIP -- which now carried their voice traffic to 21 of these locations.  That deal was worth $16,084 MRC.  I also upgraded another 23 of their locations T1 MPLS over to 5 Mbps MPLS for $10,301 MRC.  The deal became coterminous after last install and was for a 3 year term.

TASER International, 
Scottsdale, AZ

TASER manufactures Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs).  TASER uses proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, or high-risk subjects that pose a risk to law enforcement/correctional officers, innocent citizens, or themselves.

  Business Development / Dealer Partner 'AZ-Safe' (01/14 – Present)
I was hired as a Business Development Specialist.  My duties were to mine opportunities from company leads and deliver qualified sales -- which I did.  I provided effective product demos for end-user prospects, via phone and web-conferencing.  Part of my responsibilities included supporting the reseller communication channel.  In September of 2014 I decided I could make more money becoming a dealer for TASER.  I started AZ-Safe exclusively selling TASER Products.

• For ten out of my first fourteen months I was in the top five rankings amongst seventeen coworkers.   Much like police agencies across the country, our special achievements were commemorated with engraved coins.  I received one for the largest deal of the quarter, one for new agency sales and one for being willing to experience how well our product works.

• During the last seven months I have been on two TV channels (and several radio stations promoting AZ-Safe.  I have worked the prestigious (10 day) Barrett Jackson car show.  I have fashioned out my own "civilian" niche -- selling TASERs with color to women's apparel boutiques.  Currently I'm in nine stores within the Phoenix market.

GHA Technologies
, Scottsdale, AZ
GHA is a national computer reseller and Integration Company headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. GHA specializes in mission-critical product procurement and system integration services. GHA sells HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Apple, Fujitsu, APC, Symantec, Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Premio and all the “latest and greatest” Internet, bandwidth, security, VoIP, wireless, video and identification technologies.

Regional Sales Manager (12/10– 6/13)
Strictly a hunting roll at first (smiling and dialing), however, as I developed customers it became incumbent upon me to “farm” them into loyal, steady patrons – and, to constantly go deeper and wider within these organizations.  It’s also my job to handle billing and scheduling problems when they exist and to negotiate with our suppliers for their best rates to satisfy my customers (as well as my own bottom line).

• Starting out with virtually no customers, within less than 3 years I’ve managed to sell to over 500 new LOGOs.  From mom and 
  pop sole proprietorships to Fortune 1000 companies (including names like the Department of Homeland Security and the State of 
  Arizona) .

• Was instrumental in transitioning “Choice Hotels International” from its heavy laden managed IT facility over to an independent 
  Data Center.  Consequently, I managed to sell to them hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of new hardware and software for 
  their new facility.

, Chandler, AZ.
A leading provider of online-based curriculum and e-learning solutions for charter, public, and virtual schools across the United States. 

Sales Manager (10/09 – 10/10)
Responsible for furthering the development and skills of seven sales reps. My Rep’s territories are spread out across the country – including Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina and Southwest Texas. 

  By end of Q2 I was up 24% from previous year’s revenue numbers.

  Number one Revenue producing Manager company-wide.

  Was RIFed shortly after a year due to financial crisis within the school industry.

XO Communications
, Phoenix, AZ.
XO provides voice, data, Internet, VoIP and managed services for businesses that need proven, responsive and cost effective alternatives to phone company monopolies.

  Sr. Account Executive/Production Consultant (11/07 – 10/09) 
I sold integrated voice and data products, MPLS Networks IP-VPN, Fixed Based Wireless, Colocations services.

   Sold to Continental Promotion Group a 3-site 10 MB MPLS Network (which included XO’s first MPLS foray into Canada) and a Fixed 
    Based Wireless DR Site. 

•  Became the company’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) for “TV One” lines and broadcasting HD over wireless Broadband.

Metrobridge Networks, Phoenix, AZ.
A premiere high-speed fixed wireless broadband  provider.  Company’s capabilities included delivering up to 2.5 Gigs of synchronous bandwidth. 

  Strategic Enterprise Sales Rep (10/06 – 09/07)
My responsibilities included selling high speed Dedicated  Internet Access to Phoenix based companies.  

   Increased Corporate Sales by 18.5% just in my first year.

   Negotiated a partnership arrangement between Kodak Dental Systems and Metrobridge.  Opened a new line of business for   
    Metrobridge -- Professional Services exclusively for Kodak Dental Systems – providing not only bandwidth but repair of Kodak 
    equipment.  Deal was worth $1.2 million over three years. 

MCI, Phoenix, AZ.
Telecommunications company with an expansive global customer base including leading companies among the Fortune 1000.  

  Solution Specialist (07/04 – 08/06)
Overlay to Global Account Managers, specialized in the area of Managed Network Services, Managed Security Services, and hosting services.

  Sold to DHL an IPVPN network in Prague, Czech Republic, which included CPE, Management and Maintenance, Firewall Services, 
    PKI and RSA Token authentication Services.  Service has expanded to the rest of EMEA.  Deal was worth $5 million over 3 years. 

Expanding on the success of their ECRM platform in the cloud, Siebel Systems wanted to do the same for their Call Center 
    Services .  We first got them to converge their phone network to IP and worked out a custom solution for them that included 
    bandwidth on-demand and cross corporate billing.  Deal was worth $2,500,000 over three years.

Sprint, San Jose, CA.
Global communications company serving 26 million business and residential customers in more than 70 countries. $26 billion in annual revenues with more than 75,000 employees worldwide. 

  Sr. Account Executive  (01/03 – 07/04)
Retention sales for clients such as Autodesk, Varian Medical, IDT; Lucasfilm, Ltd., Ask Jeeves, and Nummi.    I sold domestic and global voice, WAN, data (Frame Relay, Private Line, ATM), PBX (Cisco, Nortel), IP/VPN (IP-Sec and/or MPLS), Internet access (T1-OC48), conferencing (audio, video, web), wireless (PCS, Connection Cards), E-Mail (Spam/Virus filtering), full network management needs, Mobile Computing, WIFI, Collaboration Services (Messaging) IP Enablement (Convergence), Voice over IP and Professional Services

  I successfully negotiated and closed a two year 1,000 line service agreement (Hitachi America) for PCS phones, smart devices, 
    PDA’s, connection cards and service.  I later upgraded that contract to reflect a new 5,000 line agreement -- which brought those 
    revenues to over $275,000 MRC ($3,300,000 annually – one year term with options).  

  Won a $5 million dollar WAN bid for Autodesk which included Internet Access for Data, Video, VoIP,  Video over IP and Video 
   Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Security, IP/VPN, MPLS, Managed Network Services, Backup services, Remote Services, COS 
   Tiers, WIFI, connectivity from E1/T1 to E3/T3

GENUiTY Solutions, Inc , San Francisco, CA.
$1.2 billion Global Supplier of outsourced Internet services to Enterprise and Wholesale companies.

  Global Account Manager (11/98 – 12/02)  
Responsible for managing global sales efforts directed towards Cisco Systems, Inc.; Chevron/Texaco; Shell Oil Products; Silicon Graphics, Inc.; and Compaq/Hewlett-Packard.  

  Sold $4 million Voice Over IP (VoIP) service agreement to Cisco Systems, negotiating “take or pay” contract terms   

   Achieved 93% of $11 million quota in down economy although the company was going through a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Technology Experience

Some of my background has included selling a broad range of technical products and services, including all forms of conferencing (audio, video, web), collaborative software solutions (predominately Microsoft), “Informix”, “Oracle”, “Sybase”, Siebel and selling services that revolves around “NT”, “Unix-Solaris”, “IBM Web Sphere”, “BEA Web Logic”, “HP Broadvision”, “Sun I-Planet”, “Tivoli”, “HP Open View”, etc.

I’ve been responsible for selling various firewall solutions, VPNs, ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, ATM, Private Line, Fixed Based Wireless services, MPLS, as well as Fast-E, Gig-E and 10 Gig-E for IP Transit. 

I am conversant with various network topologies, and various needed hardware/software solutions.  Of course, all of this selling has required product knowledge broad enough to see the applications within the client’s organization, as well as the ability to be highly persuasive

Pre –1998:  

   Worked in the television industry as Producer, Associate Producer, Director, Associate Director, etc.  

   My experiences in this field included specials with Bob Hope and George Burns,  Soap Operas such as Young and the Restless 
    and  General Hospital, game shows such as Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and talk shows such as the Tonight Show and David 
    Letterman, as well as numerous commercials.  

•   It should be noted that television production is the ultimate “management and sales job.”  Many times it involves selling the 
    concept to financial backers, selling on-air personalities on their participation, and managing crews of up to a hundred individuals 
    so that all efforts are coordinated to a single conclusion and carried out efficiently on a split-second schedule.

Education:  San Diego State University, B.S.


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